s/he 15 white

hi hi.. hony here!
im an enby bisexy puppy! i like the color pink and my friends.. : )
i am esfj 2w3 261 chaotic good melancholic! ...(i like typology)

i have adhd + unlisted mental illnesses.. pls be patient!
i mostly enjoy yttd, idv, p5, pjsk and rythm games.. pst pssst!

my selfhood..!
i consider reko yabusame as myself and i do nooot accept doubles! dni!!!!!!!!!!

pleeaaase dni if youre 18+, nsfw, proship or like homestuck.

do not use they pronouns for me!! it makes me uncomfy.. & i delete tweets or deactivate whenever im feeling down..! just a fair warning : )

aaand special thanks to the bestie riri for letting me use his crd pro~ you lost the game

tag shit like “you are being watched” and generally paranoia inducing things. DO NOT tell me or make jokes about anything like that around me either.

use “honey don(‘)t look